A cross section of work

It has been more than two months since I last updated this blog. I can say that thankfully that comes out of keeping a very busy schedule of writing. I have, perhaps, overextended myself by being partially unfocused. I have continued to edit my article on Garvey and self-fashioning–I actually spent Thursday editing out the jargon and honing my argument, although I am still unhappy with the thesis. The framing is worth keeping but more needs to be done. I am also editing applications for what will hopefully be the second and final year of dissertation writing. Currently, my preferred fellowship is the Williams Gaius Charles Bolin Fellowship. It provides two years of support, one for the dissertation and one as a post-doc. It also provides some teaching experience but also space to simply write. It would give me some teaching experience as well as allow me access to my advisors in Boston if I needed to spend sometime going over material. I’m a strong candidate, I just need the cover letter to reflect that.

Former part of the Berlin Wall turned into walking path

Former part of the Berlin Wall turned into walking path

Although my first chapter is still a draft and probably needs a lot more attention (I’ve been finding more books that I should take a look at and probably reference), I drafted the introduction of my second chapter. It’s the first chapter that will rely on archival research, so in the next month or so I really need to get into the archives and figure out which journals/newspapers I want to rely on.

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