It has been more than two months since I last updated this blog. I can say that thankfully that comes out of keeping a very busy schedule of writing. I have, perhaps, overextended myself by being partially unfocused. I have continued to edit my article on Garvey and self-fashioning–I actually spent Thursday editing out the […]

I’ve been able to make good progress this week on my article. Currently, I’m looking at the last section of the article that considers the intersection of white supremacy with racist (and racializing) legislation. The Immigration Act of 1917 is perhaps most famous for the creation of the Asiatic Barred Zone, yet I’m interested in the […]

Last night, I stayed up rather late, working on creating a strong introduction that removed over theorizing and  making sure it was “all me.” Currently, I’m looking over my assertions to make sure that they work together and that I can answer them. Further, I want to make sure that in writing my thesis, I […]

Over the past few days as I continue to edit my Garvey article, I try to always take a look back at my thesis and see how the theory “sits” with the rest of the paper.  I had recently listened to a section of a lecture by Judith Butler where she in passing mentioned Stephen […]

Since starting my program, I’ve been interested in writing about Marcus Garvey and his movement. Mostly, I’ve been less interested in the case for or against his place as a fraud in black liberation struggles and more interested in the alignment of performance and black performativity in his work. I had first tried suggesting the […]

More than the male body in the asylum, the image of the female body in the asylum has taken a very specific place in American arts. It is more than just Sylvia Plath or Charlotte Perkins Gilman but is widespread in film. One does not have to go far into film history to find examples: Gothika; Girl, […]

Without a doubt, the rise of science fiction after World War II coincides with the movement of American families into Suburbia. Of course this move was not a real move of all people but a move imagined by most Americans as the ultimate destination. The suburban landscape proved a viable place for young adults to imagine […]